How to scale Social Impact
“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges societies face is not the lack of initiatives or ideas that aim to improve social conditions, but the lack of strategies, tools and methods to scale social impact. People create fantastic initiatives with hugely potential positive impact to the society, but most of these initiatives lose steam and fizzle out because they failed to scale up in time and become viable and sustainable agents of change.
So what do we mean by scaling social impact? There are multiple definitions about ‘’scaling’ ’including “the expansion, reproduction, and adaptation of a product or service to new areas or populations” or “the deepening of product or service within an already-served area.”
The aim of this WebQuest is to inspire the creation of different tools and strategies that will help you scale your social impact of your potential or current product or service in society.
This web quest is created to help you identify, within the framework of a role-play exercise, an inspiring global best example (inspired by a true story). You will take an advisory role to John and in the process learn the basics of scaling up, using the internet to expand your idea and using metrics to measure your success. After interacting with social media presence, digital storytelling and non-internet based social scaling you need to write down in a flipchart a practical strategy for John, utilizing all the tools that will have been presented and most importantly how you have reached people that haven’t been reached previously. Added points will be provided if the group creates actual digital pages in social media using logos, hashtags and maximum points if they implement this tool for an idea of their own.

“John is lost. He is 41 years old. Living at his house, he owns an increasing number of fancy cars due to his job as a plastic surgeon. He is feeling increasingly exasperated however because the job that he fancied since childhood, the job that he dreamt of for years and worked hard day-in and day-out to make into a successful business for him feels more meaningless by the day. The only breath of fresh air is his wife Ani, and the voluntary charity work where he donates his expertise by performing corrective operations for kids with cleft lips to help them reintegrate in the society. As he gets increasingly disillusioned with his day job, his side work becomes ever more important in his life and he starts to imagine himself fully engulfed in this worthy pursuit and a savior of cleft lip children worldwide. As he donates more and more time to cleft lip surgeries by stealing time from his day job, he yearns to become able to take his aspirations in greater and greater scales and scopes, first regional, then national and maybe one day, even globally”  (inspired by a true story)

As a first step, it is very important to implement this WebQuest as a team. It is very important that before any research you perform you discuss your ideas with the group and write down your initial thoughts, then access the resources and scan the internet for more information. Please do not hesitate to check out the true story behind the fictional scenario in order to get ideas and further your understanding on the issue. It is better if the team will have the maximum number of 4 members.

1. Only Measuring IS Knowing

It is important to know how to measure the progress of your social scaling in order to readjust and be able to scrap tools that don’t work and focus on tools that bring results. One of the best ways to do that is by using marketing tools like focus groups and/or online surveys. The first step would be to make sure you know what you are going to ask. There is an art in how one extracts information from their target group either in a focus group setting or survey.

Focus group is great way to get more in-depth information and subjective perspectives from people who are in any way connected or relevant to his social business. Learn what and who these are in the video Stakeholders in Social Enterprise

You now need to identify 5 – 6 stakeholders for John’s social business and explain their connection to the project and the means you use to reach them (i.e. telephone, personal conversations etc.)

Involved Local Stakeholders
i.e. Government officials, Health organizations,  Charities etc.

 You now need to think about which stakeholders you will need to reach in order to fulfill your dreams
Global Stakeholders
i.e. Government officials, Health organizations,  Charities etc.

 2.  Basic elements of successful scaling
It is important to understand some of the basic elements of successful scaling of social organizations. What do you think are the 5 most important ones? 
Important elements for scaling 
e.g. Gain governments contracts in other countries

Read up How Do you Scale Social Innovation Startups and 5 tips for social enterprises looking to scale, as well as other resources in the useful links and identify the 10 most important strategies for successful scaling.

Before you look please discuss with your team what you think John’s 5 greatest assets are that he should keep and his 5 greatest weaknesses that will have to ditch in order to progress. To do that you need to read the statement in the task section very carefully!  

  Strong Points Weaknesses

3. Social Media Presence
As you have probably guessed, one of the most effective ways to scale social impact is through social media. In this step, you are invited to consider how social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) will help you to scale social impact of your idea to a wider audience. Can you say what are the relative strengths of each platform and which could be used for what kind of social businesses?

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 8 Easy Steps
Creating a logo, Facebook cover photo, etc. will help people associate you with professionalism and will allow you to be memorable
(Watch the following video on how to create logos, Facebook cover photos etc. very quickly.  A Simple Video Guide to Canva)
Define your cause through #hashtags and create one for John (Read the following article: How to create your own hashtag)

Utilize emoji to communicate sensitive matters! (Read the following article: Ways to Use Emojis in Social Media Marketing)

Get your team to come up with fun games and viral challenges games to drive a social movement! Remember the #IceBucketChallenge?

4. Digital tools –Storytelling for effective scaling
Until now, you have learned the basic elements of successful scaling and have experienced your own social assets to scale your social impact project. In this step you will learn what digital storytelling is and how it can help you to scale social impact more.
We live in an age of information, fast communication and technology. As social media users, we are exposed to a huge amount of information every day. So, what is the best way for a story to attract people?

See the following article: Breaking through the noise: Digital storytelling for social impact

Digital Storytelling is an important communication channel which helps people create and share stories that send a powerful message. Get inspired by the following digital storytelling examples:

Digital storytelling examples
Now, you are invited to discover a digital tool that will help to create your digital storytelling. How to use PowToon
After reviewing the resource on how to use PowToon, sign up to the POTWOON (https://www.powtoon.com/account/signup/), and create your digital story. After that, upload your digital story to your social media account.

Likert Scale Questions with Examples
You can now complete a focus group with peers or people outside your classroom – or to complete an online questionnaire with 6-10 people – and then to present the findings from this exercise to their group.

You will need to develop the questions for the focus group and then to evaluate the findings and brainstorm how to improve their scaling plan based on the feedback they have received.

Let’s now explore simple online survey tools that you can use to get feedback online. After reviewing the following online survey tools, sign up to one of them, and create your online survey.

Survey Monkey
Video Tutorial- Survey monkey
Google Forms
Video Tutorial – Google Forms

5. Building your tools and running your data quest
After identifying your stakeholders you need to draft what you really want to know and that means building questions that will give you exactly what you need to know, so they will have to be relevant to your quest to scale your social impact. Maybe, depending on your stakeholders you will need to build different questions.
Present the findings and changes to their scaling plan to your class or teacher.
Here are some tips for effective presentations even if you hate speaking in public or if you are good enough some basic things you need to remember.
You can use Google Slides for the presentation.
Evaluation and Learning Outcomes
On the completion of this webquest, the learner will be able to:

Knowledge Skills Attitudes
• Fundamental knowledge of what scale social impact is
• Fundamental knowledge of the basic elements of successful scaling
• Basic knowledge on how to scale a social business
• Basic knowledge of Digital Storytelling
• Basic knowledge of how to measure social impact using online surveys and focus group.
• Identify a social business idea
• Use the internet to gather information on how to scale social impact
• Create engaging social media content
• Use digital tools to scale social impact
• Follow a process to scale social impact
• Create and follow a plan to complete work and tasks
Through this WebQuest, you have learned how to scale social impact through different communication channels. By going through the process you gained an understanding of how organizations can, and why they should, scale social impact. Also, through the tasks you managed to create your own digital story using Powtoon to promote your idea and measure the potential social impact of you. With this WebQuest, you increased your critical thinking skills and improved your communication skills. Well done!

Just one tip:
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